About me

My name is Ana López García and I’m a professional translator and teacher. I’m from Spain and I’ve been living in Sweden since 2014.

I was born in Murcia, a city near the Mediterranean Coast, between Comunidad Valenciana and Andalusia. 

I studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting at Universidad de Murcia from 2009 to 2013. The objectives of the degree were learning several foreign languages (EnglishFrench, and Italian, in my case), studying in depth the Spanish language, my mother tongue; and, above all, creating strategies and skills to be able to translate correctly.

I studied the third year of my degree at Université de Strasbourg, thanks to the Erasmus grant. There I had the chance to improve my French, with my studies and daily life. I also had the chance to choose extra subjects to upgrade my Italian knowledge. Thanks to that, I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis about feminism and the manipulation of the Italian press during the last year of my degree.

Me looking at books at Place Kléber, in Strasbourg,
Cover of my Bachelor's thesis.

After finishing the degree, I moved to Madrid to study for a Master’s degree in Spanish Language at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Many of the subjects dealt with how to teach Spanish as a Second Language, and others were about other aspects of the Spanish language, such as lexicography, proofreading, corpus, and multiculturalism.

An image of the program Aegisub.

This same year, I started a two-year Master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation online. With this degree, I had the chance to study in more detail aspects that were introduced in the Bachelor’s degree. I studied different areas such as dubbing, subtitling, or localization with language combinations from English, French, and Italian to Spanish. I also learned how to use different translation tools, such as SDL Trados or Aegisub.

In 2014, I moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with the idea of learning the Swedish language and being able to use it in professional situations. I started working as a substitute teacher and, after some months, I got a permanent contract as a Spanish and English high school teacher at the public school Gärdesskolan, in Stockholm, and as a Spanish and French high school teacher at Stockholms Estetiska Gymnasium.

Name badges that I have used for work. One from Lärarjouren, another one from Stockholms Estetiska Gymnasium and the last one from Gärdesskolorna.

I’ve worked at both schools for seven years. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to improve my career as a teacher and to increase my knowledge and experience in other professional areas. Apart from studying for a Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and doing some courses with Stockholms Universitet to get my Teacher Certification (Lärarlegitimation), I’ve been collaborating with the companies Loomis-Pay and Once Upon for several years and making translations from Swedish or English to Spanish for them. To translate those texts, I’ve used SDL Trados but also the web service Lokalise.

Study material: my notebook and my cards.

I also started preparing for Kammarkollegiet’s translation exam to be a sworn translator with the language combination from Swedish to Spanish. The study has allowed me to acquire extensive knowledge of law and society, as well as a C2 level in reading comprehension in Swedish. It is is a project which is still on, as I intend to do the exam in 2024.

On a more personal level, I got the Swedish citizenship in 2022, eight years after moving to Sweden. I’m also treasurer of the non-profit organization Lesbisk Makt, which gives me the chance to learn about economy, sociology, and law.

Me looking at the sky, with Stockholm's town hall behind

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