To translate is to transfer a written text from one language to another.

I studied a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting in Universidad de Murcia with the language combinations from English, French and Italian to Spanish. As I’ve been living in Sweden since 2014 and I have studied and have had direct contact with Swedish during all these years, I have also the possibility to work with the language combination from Swedish to Spanish.

My areas of expertise are social sciences, marketing, economy, law, culture, medicin and literature. Please contact me to get more information about which language combinations apply to each area. 

I offer several services in relation with audiovisual translation: subtitling, translation to dubbing, translation to voice-over, transcription and adaptation.

  • To subtitle is to add text at the bottom of the frame with what people in the scene are saying. It can be in the same language as the people are speaking or another language.
  • To dub is to eliminate the dialogue track in the film and replace it with another where the dialogue is translated to the target language.
  • To voice-over is to tone down the dialogue track and place above the dialogue track translated to the target language.
  • To transcribe is to get a spoken discourse written as text. It can also refer to reproduce a conventional written text into Braille.
  • To adapt is to modify the translation according to the limitations which each translation forms present.

I’ve had specific and extensive education in all areas, both in the bachelor’s and the master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation. I know how to use subtitling programs (I’ve used Aegisub) and which limitations exist when you translate to the different forms. I also did an internship at Mas Traducciones where I translated to voice-over.

I work with the language combinations from Swedish, English, French and Italian to Spanish. Transcription is available in Spanish and from any language to Braille.

Localization can be a part of the translation process and it consist of culturally adapt a content to the local conditions (it can be, for example, a dish or a proverb). Localization is also usually associated with the translation of web pages and software, as it is in those channels where it is usual to adapt the content to potential users from other countries.  In those cases, it is important to identify and respect the markup (HTML, for example) or programming language which is among the content.

I’ve had specific education on localization, both in the bachelor’s and the master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation. I know how to use software or web applications, such as SDL Trados or Lokalise, which are usually used when a translation has a lot of localization. I’ve also used those programmes with the enterprises Once Upon and Loomis-Pay. I also keep up to date with all the languages that I used professionally in order to find the best translation solution to the original text.

I work with the language combinations from Swedish, English, French and Italian to Spanish.

Proofreading a text is to correct and/or modify a text to improve it. It can be a normal text or a translation (it will be the last step of the translation process then).

This service is available in Spanish. Apart from being Spanish my mother tongue, in all the university studies that I have done, it was essential to have a great command of the Spanish language. I also have a master’s degree in Spanish Language, where we worked a lot with this aspect.

Transcreation and copywriting are two services that are usually linked to the marketing field.

Transcreation is a freer way to translate. The objective of a transcreation is that the message in the translated text arouses the reader with the same emotions as the original text. The intention, the tone, and the style predominate over an accurate translation of the message.

Copywriting is producing texts for marketing purposes.

Both collaborations with Once Upon and Loomis-Pay have helped me develop both skills, as the objective with both assignments was to offer their services freshly but also professionally.

Both services are available in Spanish.

Please contact me to get more information about this service.

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